• m. e. weyerbacher

A Copy and Paste Culture

It's not what we were meant for

To regurgitate

Earth is ripe

We were called to create

Could've said it but used their words

Could've painted from the inside out

Instead denied

Away we shied

Caved to anger


Why spend time on

Blood, Sweat & Tears

to contribute

something not sure they'll hear?

Vulnerability stings

So we use

what's used


poorly researched

arrogant bliss

Maybe it's worth the price

to pay

to say

what been inside

in our own mind

not put their

by what they claim to be pride

Not yours

Not theirs

A collective chorus

To be a part of

If only we'll stop snatching

our neighbor's lines

Give up your art

Birth it out

It's time

'Cause we all have something to give

to sing

Like mama said

if you don't have something nice to say

don't copy and paste...go create

and it doesn't mean we will worship you

just because you give

but you will honor your Maker in the madness

and we will smile with you friend

Copyright 2020 Meghan Weyerbacher Writes, LLC


Don't copy and paste this.

If it moved you

write your own

response and go

own your life.

(See Genesis where God gives us dominion & calls us to create from the very depths of who he made us to be. His love is there...wanting to come out).

- Meg

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