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A Review for your Bookwormy Soul

I was excited to see Ray Comfort's book out, and signed up to review it because I remember following him years ago when his and Kirk Cameron's ministries were much smaller.

Faith is for Weak People was an interesting read. The tagline intrigued me. "Responding to the Top 20 Objections to the Gospel."

I was curious what he had to say about his. I've never been great at straight-up witnessing. I feel drawn to give of the fruits of the Spirit rather, but even so, I know Ray is an apologist and sometimes has a way of explaining things that make people think.

First thing, this is a quality book by a kind man with a heart for people. I had a hard time getting into this, but once I got to the end, my main thought was, "I wish the last two chapters had been first."

I felt like his thoughts in those helped me better understand where he was coming from, whereas it really just jumps in. The chapters are laid out as questions, with the content as answers. It reminds me of a screenplay almost, with the dialogue back and forth so you can feel like you were there with Ray during his times of witnessing.

I sometimes had a hard time following Ray's words. It was as if he went from one thought to another quickly, and I was still trying to get what he had already said, causing me to wonder how many he witnesses to experience the same thing. But alas, I am me--and lately, my brain is like the Little Engine that Could.

Some of the chapters from Faith is for Weak People might help a struggling believer learn how to share the hope of Heaven with those who are arguing well, and I admire that he is walking in the way God has called him, but I know when we are letting the Holy Spirit lead--it won't always look the same; it won't always look just how he does it. If you do want to buy this book, take the wisdom from it, and apply it in your own way according to how you serve, communicate, love, etc.

"While we are called to defend the faith, it is a good strategy to also try to advance it." - Ray

To be honest...

I had a few places marked in my book and wanted to share the quotes with you, but unless you read the parts around them, they might be hard to swallow so I left them out.

Overall, this book wasn't for me, but not because it doesn't attempt to keep the promise of the tagline. There were some parts where my trusty gut was going hmmm, and I was trying to put myself in the other persons shoes (which is even a section in here), and I just could not get comfortable with the approach he uses. He does seem to emphasize law & justice. I am passionate and very Spirit led I hope anyway, and the book just felt a bit dry, and matter-of-fact for me personally.

Even so, if you are curious at all about what a tough conversation with people who have other beliefs looks like, try this book out.

I received a copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest opinion.

The contents of Faith is for Weak People do not necessarily reflect my own beliefs/views.

Thank you for reading!


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