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Chosen, not Cheated: A Book Review | #TeaAndWord #170

Have you ever picked up a nonfiction and read it from beginning to end in one sitting? It's rare for me. I do this with some fiction books, but I think only ever a few times have I accomplished this with a nonfiction book.

Chosen, not Cheated by Koki Oyuke, is one of them.

Like a recent book review, I found myself drinking in the author's words, not wanting to leave the pages. I tabbed the heck out of this thing. Another I won't be able to part with due to the massive number of quotes I need accessible in my life. Ha!

Koki's intro is one of the best I have ever read. Books I have ever read.

Seriously. And her personality and writing voice will suck you right in, so prepare to have time on your hands. Or do what I did, and keep shoving it in your mini backpack to sneak a few paragraphs in throughout busy points in the day.

Each chapter begins with two carefully chosen quotes. I reread each of those a few times before even moving on. They were so great. She selected these with precision. Here. I'll give you an example. Just one now. You'll have to buy it to read the rest.

"Sometimes, you wait longer than feels fair for the glory, and the waiting is the point of it all, really. The waiting is when life happens." - Laura Jane Williams

And one by Koki in the same chapter...

"If you spend your time complaining about what you do in the in-between seasons of your life, you'll still complain when you're doing what you dream of."

Oof. That's what I mean. Powerful. And this is only a speck of what I've gleaned. A lot like Alia Joy, but in a different voice, Koki has a gift of writing with a punch, making you want to memorize every.single.line.

Koki artfully walks us through her story of having high hopes and dreams, but always feeling like she was missing the mark. Her spiritual journey and career adventures are highlighted, creating a colorful piece of work we get to hold.

I laughed and nearly cried. Mostly laughed, and you'll find out why when you read it. Your faith will grow, I believe when you do. She shares vulnerably about some hardships and trials, including miscarriage. She shares intimate conversations with her and God. One like this. "Why don't you believe that I chose you? Why do you always feel the need to choose yourself?"

Oof again. This girl can preach. And I want to hear her sermons. I was even happily shocked to find out she doesn't like the hymn, Do Not Pass Me By, because to her, it feels like begging when we don't need to beg. (Find this in chapter 4)

"God can't bless who you pretend to be."

I can keep going on. Y'all just have to get this one. I'm begging you, but I won't sing the song. Tell you what. You buy the book, let me know, and I'll create a snippet of a song just for you. (Doesn't Matthew West do this, only he doesn't bribe people to buy books?) ^_^

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please click below to connect with this author and support her in any way you can!

Koki Oyuke is a wonder-eyed star gazer, coffee drinker and content creator (online and TV) who spins galaxies with words on her cozy corner of the internet.

Her writing resonates with many because she's intentional about being real, honest and promoting togetherness. Why? Because she's after hearts, not just eyes. That's why words are her main currency, but vulnerability carries the most value.

Koki's writing specializes in truth, inspiration and giving folks an acute 20/20 vision of themselves so they can move toward their God-designed destiny through witty conversations and stories. Think of it as an online spa for the heart, soul and spirit. You won't leave the same way you came in. Trust me!

Buy Chosen, not Cheated.

Find more of Koki on her blog.


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