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Goodbyes Are Not My Thing

I've never been good at goodbyes. I don't write The End at the end of my novels, I don't even watch the endings of my favorite television shows. Maybe that's why I am satisfied with adding a few more stories to my romance series. Maybe that's why I smile when I part ways with friends. Because in my heart, I know I'll see them again. Eventually.

Sure, for Clark Kent, it meant a nostalgic get together on a random fall day, but still. Smallville was as I had never left it, 2 unfinished episodes to go.

Some of you wonderful friends have been with me from the start of Faith Adventures and watched this blog dance back and forth between themes, which describes my very life.

Some of you know that this year I announced I would be wrapping up book reviews and possibly the #TeaAndWord link up, and here we are.

I've been praying with earnestness, but mostly just see Him nodding as peace remains with what I already knew. It's time to press pause on the link up. This doesn't mean goodbye. I am not passing it off to anyone else because I am not feeling led to do that.

Normally this time of year I take a long blog break, through January, so I can enjoy the holidays and all their splend--crazi-lovliness (didn't know which word I wanted to go with), so it's not weird to me, to walk away from something with peace.

I wish I could tell you how long this blog break will be. But this is what I can tell you:

It's for a reason.

Because there's something coming down the road I have to prepare for.

My website and author photos might change to the professional designisms, (I am good with basic graphics but not my own face).

But no matter what changes may come, I will always be me.

I ask you to pray for me as I will you.

When I am able to share more, I will!

I might still pop into the newsletter and say hello until I figure all this out.

Thank you for being such great cheerleaders of the faith and friends to my soul.

You all have been a huge part of my life (growth) and joy-song.

I love you.

I'm only an email away!


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