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How Our Imperfect Stories and God's Presence in Them Reveals His Character

I wrote a series for a friend. The series spawned from my personal struggle of being self-frustrated.

Can anyone relate?

It's like I desire certain results (not for anyone else, only me) but the body I have been blessed with, fails to meet my standard.

I used to dwell on how this isn't all there is, and that's true, but I've been pressing into how I can live fully right now.

Join me today for part 1 by reading below!

We want to lean on this, but He's with us TODAY!

“You do not have a story until something goes wrong.”
– Steven James, author of Story Trumps Structure

If you’ve ever written a story, you might be familiar with how halfway through, it reroutes itself despite all your attempts to neatly outline and stick with the program.

Like flawed characters in fictional tales, our actual lives often end up on detours, showing us the scenic route of life, yet we inwardly fight it thinking, “This can’t be right.”

It’s disheartening when we show up to give our best, but it turns out looking like a Sunday morning gone wrong, which in our household, isn’t that hard to do.

It looks a lot like good intentions met with harsh realities.

A lot like a night well spent, planning for the morning ahead, only to be sabotaged by dog dung (you never want to come over now right?), pulsating headaches, or missing shoes that were right there—we promise.

I don’t know about you, but I want life to shimmer and shine like a plump computer animation.

Like post-this-Earth.

Give me The Land of Oz.

Give me fresh sneakers or that fresh car smell.

Maybe even give me one of those neat spotted turtle shells that Yoshi sports. Heck—give me wings so I can fly to other worlds because staying on the ground is boring.

But you can’t touch computer animation, Oz isn’t real, sneakers don’t last, and don’t get me started on the interiors of vehicles.

Yoshi? He’s my pick out of all the above, but even he got too heavy for his own wings and had to lower to take a breath.

Sometimes, our unglamorous daily-grind-lives seem too simple and unseen, too muddled and unholy to be worthy of having a God-hand in them. But he’s in them, with no regrets.

I've been blessed to share a 3-part series over at speaker + author, Debbie Kittermans. Click here to read the rest of Part 1: Imperfections = Partnership Invitations.

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