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Interview with Christian Author, Sarah Geringer | Transforming your Thought Life | #TeaAndWord #180

Why do we struggle so much in our thought lives?

Our thought lives form the structure for our words and actions. Every problem we have begins in our thoughts. Since no one else knows our thoughts except God, we think we can hide them. However, what you think in your inward life inevitably spills out onto your outward life.

You can either be defeated in your thought life before you ever take action, or you can transform your thought life with the power of God’s Word. You can have victory in your thought life struggles by meditating on the truths in Scripture.

How do our past experiences relate to current thought life problems?

Many of us experienced hurt and difficulties in our past that influence our lives now. For example, my parents divorced when I was four years old. The fallout from their divorce has affected nearly every area of my thinking. As a little girl, I began dealing with negative, anxious, fearful, and critical thoughts in response to the wounds the divorce caused.

These thoughts carved paths in my conscious and subconscious mind that still tempt me today. I have used the power of Scripture to reroute those thought life paths. You can reroute your own thought pathways by using key scriptures in specific problems.

What does spiritual warfare have to do with thought life struggles?

Satan wants to distract, discourage, and defeat us on the battlefields of our minds. If he can do this, our words and actions will automatically follow his will instead of God’s will. He sets up strongholds, or power centers, in the pain points of our past, then capitalizes on them in our current thought life struggles.

When we fight back with the truth of Scripture, we can dismantle those spiritual strongholds. By repeating key verses over and over to yourself, you can break the power Satan may have held over you for decades in your thought life struggles.

How can Christian meditation help someone conquer thought life problems?

Christian meditation is simply focusing on a scripture and thinking about it with intent.

The more you focus on God’s Word through meditation, the more you learn about God’s will for your life.

You can apply scriptural truths directly to specific thought life problems and experience freedom. For example, if you struggle with painful thoughts, you can meditate on verses about God’s comfort. By repeating these verses every time you experience a painful memory, you can begin to reroute the neural pathways in your brain.

When you do this over and over, you begin to think differently because God’s truth replaces the lies planted by your enemy Satan.

How does a transformed thought life help someone develop a closer relationship to God?

When you meditate on God’s Word, you are hiding it in your heart and mind. As you learn God’s language of truth and love in Scripture, you will learn more about his character and his ways. Christian meditation helps you worship God and cultivate a closer walk with him. When you experience the freedom that comes with thought life transformation, you will realize that God deserves credit for setting you free.

Scripture meditation will inspire your adoration, praise and thanksgiving to God. It has the potential to take your faith to new heights in only a few minutes every day.

How has Christian meditation helped you be victorious in spiritual warfare?

I chose 17 areas of thought life struggles to focus on in my book, because I have experienced all of them at different points in my faith journey. In each chapter, I tell stories about how God set me free from a certain thought life struggle such as guilt, impurity, idolatry, and regret.

When I was struggling in these areas, I did not experience victory until I began meditating upon scriptures that directly counteracted those problems.

As I meditated, I recognized how Satan tempted me with the same unproductive thought paths again and again. By replacing his falsehoods with the truth of God’s Word, I experienced freedom for the first time. Now, I know to fight back immediately with Scripture, just like Jesus did when he was tempted. Through Christian meditation, I have key scriptures in my spiritual arsenal to fight back the moment I’m attacked.

What do you want readers to learn most from Transforming Your Thought Life?

I want readers to learn about the power God’s Word gives us to break free from spiritual strongholds. Many of us have Bibles in our possession, but do not understand how God’s Word literally holds the solution to all our problems.

By internalizing God’s Word in our hearts through Christian meditation, our thought lives can truly be transformed for good.

~ Q & A Time! ~

When do you remember falling in love with books?

I remember falling in love with a Little Golden Books treasury book at my great-grandparents’ farmhouse when I was about three years old. Even before I could read, I delighted in the artwork. They also had a beautifully illustrated collection of Aesop’s fables, and I still remember those pictures with my photographic memory.

I also watched Sesame Street every day, and it helped me learn to read before I was four years old. My uncle gave me a set of easy reader books on my fourth birthday, intending to teach me how to read with them. I remember surprising everyone at the party by reading them aloud.

What were your favorite books to read as a child?

As a young child I enjoyed Sesame Street books, Little Miss books, Tasha Tudor books and Caldecott Medal winners. The more detailed the illustrations, the better. In elementary school I immersed myself in the Little House on the Prairie Series, poetry books, and biographies about Helen Keller and Harriet Tubman. I even enjoyed nonfiction books about holidays, history, social sciences and religion. I was a voracious reader then just like I am now.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to become a writer?

When I was in seventh grade, I had to keep a composition journal, like many of you did. I wrote a personal essay about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and all the foods I planned to enjoy. My teacher wrote this comment on my essay: “Your writing is fun to read. Have you ever thought about writing and illustrating children’s books?”

I had always known I wanted to be an artist. But my teacher’s encouraging comment planted the first seed about my dream to be a writer. Teachers have great power to shape their students’ futures, and I’m grateful for all the writing encouragement I received starting in junior high from my teachers.

Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years? 

By 2024, I would like to be working on my own writing ministry full-time. I plan to develop my speaking platform and start working on my next book in 2020. I hope to have three traditionally published books underway in the next five years.

Where can we find you online? 

I write about finding peace in God’s Word at I also write weekly for Woman 2 Woman Ministries and monthly for A Wife Like Me and Devotable. You will find my devotions in the quarterly publication called Hope-Full Living for senior citizens. Several times per year, my devotions are published on Encouragement for Today.

When she’s not reading over 100 books per year, Sarah enjoys painting, baking, gardening and playing the flute. Her daily must-haves are hot tea, dark chocolate, and fresh flowers. She lives in her beloved home state of Missouri with her husband and three children. Sarah writes about finding peace in God’s Word at

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