• m. e. weyerbacher

new chapter

Where am I?

I can't see.

For the manyth time I'm in a place

challenging the depth of my faith.

Is it shallow?


But wait and see.

The Lord holds my hand

to show me the land

and bring me to my knees.

Moving. We're moving.

And the ground becomes a blur

as I trust in the Maker of the Heaven

and the Earth.

Keep me. Keep me. Keep me, I pray.

That I'll fly above the stones, of Lord,

and be protected from the weeds.

He takes me to a better place,

one I've never known.

And all of my past fades,

despite my yearning

to hang on.

All that is before me is purity and light,

a freshness that can't be explained.

No wonder the enemy wanted my mind;

This new place could only be

reached by faith.

m. e. weyerbacher // 10.24.21

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