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Nothing Goes to Waste in God's Hands

One day God said, "I want to make Meghan. She will be beautiful, small, powerful, complicated, but full of my love. She will not hold it back very well, and at times it will make her feel uneasy, because the human race is not used to this. But there are others I have made and will make, who have this gift as well. The gift of overexplaining. The gift of stumbling along with her slow pace and testy scars.

The stumbling along will go on for a time, and she won't see it as a gift for many years, but will come to find out there are many people will not get to know me unless someone is willing to stumble in the open, in the hallways of life.

Meghan won't be good at handling her emotions for many years, but we will use this in humanity's favor, and over time, she will mature, but even then I won't be done with her.

For those who seek me with their breath, with all that is within them, will never stop growing which means--I can't stop pruning. Lush are the fruits from trees such as her.

But as I pluck the blossoms off so she won't overbear and be weighed down with unhealthy fruit, she will feel intense pain and find it hard to know how to be in this world. But again, through this, people will find a friend; someone who understands what it's like to walk that lonely path. Yes, we will create Meghan. And she will be good because my Son will abide in her strong heart which is so weak for me."


I wrote this to myself as a way of trying to see me through my Father's eyes, and it was based on a prophetic word given to me by a dear friend.

I am so thankful for friends willing to speak life into us.

If you know someone who could benefit from an encouraging word, I pray you listen and never forget a small message can go a long way!

Thanks for another year, Father. - Meg

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