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On the Brink: A continuation.

Updated: May 15, 2019

Have you ever felt like you were on the brink of something?

Not in and of yourself, but something strong within you, buried under rubble finally surfacing to take its first breath?

This is where I am.

On the brink.

Finding more clarity as feet press against pavement and dirt.

The quiet way rubs against popularity.

Open skies speak peace when my soul cries mercy.

Inch by inch we breathe. We live.

Quiet growth is what my heart yearns for.

And He has promised me I will see it.

One million thoughts must bow down to Him.

I clip on the belt of truth as I prepare to lay down years-worth of writing on the altar of, "He is."

200 public posts from the last blog.

500 private.

"But they were supposed to be books."

"Isn't this is a waste?" My soul aches.

And He whispers on the meadow's edge next to trickling water where He's prepared a meal for us.

He says, "I waste nothing, daughter."

The perfect-path obsession no longer satisfies.

My feet have felt broken, windy streets underneath pulsating blisters.

All I want is You.

Take what I have to offer and make it make You smile.

country life

If you hang here regularly, check out the updates below!

#TeaAndWord changes: I will no longer be offering regular features (on the blog or in my newsletter), nor will I be creating very many graphics. Blog posts will include a basic photo taken by me, with a short blog post or poem, whichever is laid on my heart. The basic linkup will still be offered for the remainder of 2019.

Guest posts & reviews: Everything is still a go for this year’s scheduled guest writers. I will also be sharing certain reviews I have already signed on to help with.

Newsletter changes: The monthly newsletter will be shifting from “writer help,” to a simple update/encouragement.

Social media: I will not be active on Pinterest anymore. I will still be sharing over on Instagram, just not as frequently. Twitter or FB may catch randomness, but in general, I will be sharing less often, all around, outside every Tuesday, right here at 7am CST (minus June & December see below).

JUNE VACATION: During this month there will be no blog posts. Our family is taking a vacation one of the weeks within, and I felt led to take off the entire month from the blog.

DECEMBER 2019 I will also be away from the blog.

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