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#TeaAndWord Episode #168

Obi is a freakin' Yeti. At 8 months old he's outgrown our 3 year old pooch.

My story is no different.

I'm still dropping balls

watching walls fall

becoming free

but not at all

how I thought it'd be.

The way's become paved

before me

by a wave

of stormy seas.

The currents

sweeping me aside

knocking down my pride

swallowing me like tattered Jonahs.

Stop. Nothing else matters.

But the One who came to shatter the world records

to erase and replace and reset and start again.

He came to set bound souls free.

Lyrics/Spoken Word

Copyright 2019 Meghan Weyerbacher Writes, LLC


Okay, so maybe it wasn't an episode, but I've always wanted to say that. No seriously, I am still praying about a podcast. It's been on my heart for a year, but I know it is not the right time. I am waiting for the green light.


In other news...

Did you know it's not uncommon to want to burn the book you poured yourself into for months, sometimes years?

My oopsy face

Maybe that's strong, but yeah. It's been a crazy summer and I just want book three to be out and in people's hands.

Sometimes life makes those things we know we are still to do, a little harder, so we hope and pray for mercy, a good's night rest, and secretly pray our kids sleep in. For just once.

But school's about to begin and I know it will help get me in order.

Y'all. Don't ever underestimate the power of children being home all day when you work from home. They need your love, and it will win out over many a thing.

Keeping this short tonight.

I've been running like a headless chicken.

My book will be out soon but there is another issue.

If you pre-ordered the Kindle version of Rooted Peace, email me for a free paperback to hopefully make up for this craziness.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for coming back.

I have so many things to say.

So many thoughts to share.

Life is just a whirlwind but one day soon, I will welcome in the calm and get back in a groove.

Praying for you all no matter what.

Love and hugs,



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