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When Wise Planning Laughs in Your Face

“I’m here to tell you that you can’t get it all done. Forget that. I’d say you can’t even get most of it done.”    – Jon Acuff, author of Finish

I’ve spent a lot of my life seeing from an angle aimed from hurt; fear.

These things keep a person pressed down, shaken—not stirred, and packed to the point of such built-up pressure, the vessel itself feels the slightest crack right before its eventual shattering.

That’s where I was this summer.

On the floor in pieces.

We seemed to have happened upon a turn of events, one after another that left me weary and frustrated.

Not so much with God or others as I was with myself for not feeling like superwoman, because at my core—I wanted to “do all the things” penned on my calendar.

Important things like meet a book deadline, review books I’d told people I would review, and plan ahead because most writers know you don’t just wake up and live out your day.

You at least attempt to have an outline of the week, so you stay on track, even if you’re rolling in on one wheel.

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